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“Quality doesn’t cost money…it’s achieved through hard work.”

Our Approach:

earth stone and water is proud to offer some of the most innovative landscape design and construction services in New England. We bring more than 25 years combined experience, meticulous attention to detail, and a knack for communicating that will get you on your way to achieving your landscaping goals. We want you to get to know our work and also our approach.

Three words sum it up: collaboration, community and sustainability.

Collaboration - Probably the best part of our job is connecting with people, and helping them connect to their surroundings. Walking outdoors…listening to their ideas…hearing them describe the setting of their dreams…these moments of discovery and visualization build upon themselves until a synthesis occurs and a concept emerges. We use this low-pressure, collaborative, problem-solving approach for each project to ensure that our finished work meets the customer’s particular preferences and budget. More times than we can count, our customers say, “It looks better than I ever imagined!”

Community - We live here too, and nothing’s more important to us than earning a reputation for honest hard work, craftsmanship and solid customer service. Our friends and customers in the local community make it possible. We want to give back by designing, building and maintaining beautiful landscapes that stand the test of time. Wherever you look in our community, we want you to see earth stone and water’s craftsmanship for years to come.

Sustainability - Good landscape design beautifies your property, but it also can enhance the ecosystems surrounding your home. Our name says its all: earth stone and water believes in discovering ways of blending traditional and sustainable, eco-friendly landscaping techniques. For example, the right design can help reduce energy costs by protecting homes from winter wind and summer sun. We can even take it a step further by helping you select appropriate plants that may promote better water efficiency, reduce pesticides and control noise and air pollution. It’s an approach that emulates the self-sustaining connectedness of nature herself.


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“Chris and Greg are professional, creative, reliable and very easy to work with. They transformed our landscaping in a week with little more from me than a few walks around the house describing what I like... They understood my vision and executed beautifully.”

~ J.B. - Arlington, MA